Firefighters, EMTs, and Rescue personnel die each year from heart attacks and strokes.  Will YOU be one of them?

Each year the fire service loses approximately 100 firefighters in the line of duty, half of which are attributed to heart attacks and strokes.  In addition, there are likely many cardiovascular incidents that go unreported to try and hide the potential career ending events.  The National Volunteer Fire Council sponsored a study of the obesity epidemic in the fire service and revealed that a staggering 73-88% of firefighters were obese.  That is a huge number.

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EMTs and Paramedics face a challenging job that nearly as dangerous as that of police officer and firefighters, according to one study, Occupational Fatalities in Emergency Medical Services: A Hidden Crisis.  With long shifts, little or interrupted sleep, job stress associated with emergency calls, possibility of being assaulted by patients, emotional stress, and poor eating habits, EMTs and Paramedics face a growing trend of career and life ending cardiovascular incidents.

Life is tough.  Life can get in the way of a fitness program.  BUT, life is no excuse to let yourself go and become a phyiscal danger to yourself, partner or crew.  Fitness is as important to your career as training for suppression, extrication, patient assessment, or specialized rescue scenarios.  In fact, based upon the statistics, it may be more important.  If you aren't fit, then you can't do your job.  And in some cases, it's proven that if you aren't fit, you won't be going home to your family at the end of your shift.  Is this how you want to be remembered?

We're here to help YOU.

Response Fitness provides functional fitness coaching, consulting, and programs to FIRE-EMS-RESCUE personnel to improve health, enhance function, and boost performance on the job.  We are dedicated to helping FIRE-EMS-RESCUE professionals reduce cardiac risk factors, injuries, and line of duty deaths.  Our programs help FIRE-EMS-RESCUE responders improve general fitness, job-specific strength and endurance, nutritional habits, lose fat, relief stress, and reduce in pain with a concurrent improvement in daily activities.  Our programs will help you build functional strength with a high degree of transfer from the fitness center to the fireground or emergency scene.

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